One response to “CONTACT US

  1. We are approaching the 1600 Anniversary
    Of many acts that took place in Europe,
    The Excommunication Of Pelagious,
    The Adoption Of Violence to ensure
    The survival of the church No Matter What…
    Are Two Acts Significant today…

    Thus War could be waged against any
    Communities of Peace, Courage, and
    Humanity as they were much more
    Attractive than th vatican, the adoption
    Of Violence an act of the Anti-Christ,
    As Jesus wouldn’t advocate any of the
    Cowardices… Greed, Corruption,
    And Discrimination…

    When We Look At The History of Humanity
    From a logical Evolutionary View we We can
    See Without a doubt that Our Species will lead
    Our Planet into a Human World Where all of
    The approximately 7,000,000,000 People On
    Earth Will Be Allowed To Retain Their Own
    Human Spirit in Childhood, Rather Than
    Have to turn our Backs on Honor and Integrity
    As children to accept the sketchy ‘civilization’
    We’ve Born into for generations and centuries…

    To Achieve this World of Honor we must
    Admonish forward those of us who’ve
    Been betrayed the worst, those of us so
    Diminished of the Humanity that We
    Were Born with, that We would continue
    To advocate War, Famine, Austerity,
    In the Face Of Seven Billion Humans…

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