Peace Primer II by Lynn Gottlieb, Rabia Terri Harris, and Ken Sehested – Free PDF download

It is common today to hear the claim that we are engaged in “a clash of cultures.” The first step in addressing conflict is for all parties to listen to each other. That is the goal of this publication: to allow Christians, Muslims and Jews to listen to each other’s scripture and tradition, particularly to hear what each has to say about seeking justice, pursuing peace and working for reconciliation.

An Essay on Evil by Rabia Terri Harris

Presented at “Mayhem in the Middle East: Cultural and Religious Destruction and Persecution of Minorities,” a program of the Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation, Queens, NY.

Reclaiming the Prophet’s Jihad: A Primer on Islamic Nonviolence by Rabia Terri Harris

Nonviolence is not a Hindu or a Christian concept but an Islamic approach to nonviolence will differ in important ways from other understandings. Muhammad {s} began his mission by alerting his people to an imminent danger more serious than invasion: a massive ethical breakdown that put the whole community at risk. His first hearers were skeptical of this risk. Today, when global ethical failure has led us to the edge of economic and ecological collapse, it should be clearer to us what he was talking about. Insha’Allah, there is still time to listen.