Take a look at our Peace Actions page to see what kind of nonviolent actions might be happening in your area and get involved locally! 
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Interfaith Fellow
Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY
3 months-1 year (varies)
The Community of Living Traditions is seeking Muslim activists, artists and organizers of all ages for a multi-faith residency. CLT is dedicated to waging active nonviolence in a multi-faith context. We offer regular community circles for the study of strategic nonviolence and we share our religious and cultural traditions within the framework of nonviolence. We also share the work of running the conference center as well as the development of CLT programming and activities.***Free room and board, health insurance and a modest weekly stipend.
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Apply here.
Alternative Spring Break 2016 – Peace by Piece
Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY
Dates: March 13-19 or March 20-26, 2016.
Other dates may be possible.
This would be a week of intentional living, dreaming, playing, and exploring opportunities for multifaith friendships and shared work springing out of different perspectives and traditions.  Students would also have time in the new Art Space, the Meditation Space, greenhouses (it is planned for March after all), and time to rest and recharge too.
In the hopes of making this a yearly, touchstone experience, we plan to have a person of inspiration each year, whose writing and work will be part of our daily engagement and conversation.  This year, that person is NAU alum Kayla Mueller, the 26 year-old humanitarian aid worker who was kidnapped by ISIS (see flyer) in 2013 and killed earlier this year.
Cost is $650 per person plus travel to Stony Point, NY. There is an early bird discount of $100 with a $100 non-refundable deposit by December 1, 2015. Deadline for full payment is January 15, 2016. For every six students, an accompanying group leader will receive half off the cost.
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Summer Internship:
Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY
Summer 2016
Every year the Community of Living Traditions Summer Institute invites Muslim, Jewish and Christian young adults to build multi-faith community in a shared residence. Participants will learn gardening skills, participate in community-sustained agriculture, and study what the three Abrahamic traditions teach about social activism, nonviolence and justice, and apply them to personal and social transformation as they strengthen their relationship to the earth.. During free time individuals will kayak, hike, make art and meet amazing activists. ***Free room and board
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