To God We Belong, And to God We Are Returning


Ibrahim Ramey was born on December 10, 1949 — International Human Rights Day (as he regularly reminded friends). A conscientious objector to war who converted to Islam during adulthood, Ibrahim worked for the War Resisters League for several years before joining the national staff of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in 1995.

Ibrahim spent a decade in FOR leadership, including distinguished service as disarmament coordinator and director of racial, economic, and social justice. He cofounded the I Will Not Kill campaign, and forecast the climate justice movement through pioneering efforts linking militarism, racism, and fossil fuels. He traveled globally on behalf of the Fellowship, participating in interfaith peace delegations to Iraq, Japan, and the World Social Forum in Brazil.

Ibrahim was also active in the Muslim Peace Fellowship ever since its founding in 1994. He wrote regularly for both Ansar As-Salam, the MPF newsletter, and Fellowship magazine, penning timely essays like “A Muslim View the Promise of Nonviolence” (1995),“Four Vignettes on the Road of the Broken Rifle: Reflections on War and Resistance” (2005), and “Race, Religion, and Reaction: Islam and the Struggle for American Religious Freedom and Equality” (2010).


Following his departure from FOR in 2006, Ibrahim joined the staff of the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation in Washington, D.C. Serving as its director of civil and human rights, Ibrahim continued to partner with FOR and other national peace & justice groups, particularly in his role as vice president of the steering committee of the ReligiousNGO community at the United Nations.

FOR’s Ethan Vesely-Flad said, “I had the pleasure of working with brother Ibrahim on many occasions, including a year of overlap on FOR’s staff. What I will especially remember about this beautiful man is his warmth, humor, and compassionate spirit. In the midst of often difficult campaigns, Ibrahim always took the time to connect at the personal level, asking about one’s family and well being and ensuring that we were, indeed, a model of reconciliation and fellowship.”

This reflection by Matt Meyer, FOR member and long-time War Resisters International leader, likewise pays tribute to this wonderful human being who died at age 66 this month of multiple myeloma.


2 responses to “To God We Belong, And to God We Are Returning

  1. Thank you for your kind reflections on this dear brother’s life. I learned of him and his work in grad school while reflection on teaching Islam post 9/11 and his loss is sad but his legacy is important. My mother too has Multiple Myeloma and I pray that a cure is found. Duas for him and his family both related and in spirit.

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