#RedHijabAgainst Violence and Coercion

khadija-abdu-al-muotee - red hijab from the independent

When Khadija Abdul-Mu`ti was liberated from the life-destroying tyranny of Daesh and its delusions, she wore red in celebration – and swore to wear it for the rest of her life.

Now is the time for Muslim women everywhere to stand in solidarity with Khadija. Make your refusal of the defilers of Islam known: wear red for dignity and freedom.

Wear red to be visible, not invisible, at every moment when Muslim women are saying, “Enough!”


There is more than Daesh  to oppose. There is Orlando. And the incident before that. And the incident before that. To bear witness against all this is our own responsibility, not work for others than ourselves.

Whatever our country, wherever we turn, we are appalled to find men who call themselves Muslim yet believe they are God, who convince themselves that they can act for God, and who use that claim to justify orgies of cruelty.

But their so-called God bears no relation to the God of Muhammad — the God who taught the community of Muhammad never to begin a single action without dedicating it to the highest principles of mercy and compassion.

Those who invoke the sacred name of Allah in order to torture and kill are actually miserable slaves of Satan, the enemy of the human being.

They see blasphemy all around them because blasphemy owns them: they are cut off from the divine root of goodness. Wherever they go, Hell infests them, because they have drunk the wrath of Allah into their hearts. Ugliness is there, in those hearts, through Allah’s wrath.

But Allah Almighty and Glorious has said: My Mercy overpowers My wrath.

If we have the courage to stand up for Mercy, to invoke Mercy, to demand Mercy — for ourselves and for others — then Allah’s Mercy will overpower the fury in the hearts of the defilers of Islam. 


As for the Paradise all are longing for, the Prophet has told us where it is: it lies under the feet of mothers. Muslim women, stand up proudly! Let us stand our ground, for Paradise is the ground on which we stand.

Any of us can be a banner of the beauty of Islam. Any of us can make a simple choice.

At the moment of crisis, wear red for dignity and freedom. Wear red for Paradise instead of Hell, in this world and the next. Be seen. Be known. Let Allah’s Word be heard:

la ikraha fid deen: there must be no compulsion in religion.

Stand up for the beauty of Islam. Let your love flame out into the world.


Send Muslim Peace Fellowship your picture in red hijab today, and we will help your presence grow. Share on social media using the tag #RedHijabAgainst and tell us why you’re participating! We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so be sure to tag us 🙂

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